Every month, we send a professionally curated box to your doorsteps that is packed with snacks, gear, and helpful tools to meet your fitness goals.




Half It grew out of the personal fitness journey of its founder, Paul. Paul became interested in fitness late in life. He admits to being extremely unmotivated throughout high school, but was determined to turn his life around after witnessing the successes of his friends. He settled on fitness as the best and easiest way to build the personal discipline he knew he would need to accomplish his goals.


Little by little, he developed a passion for his new active, healthy lifestyle. Like many of us, however, he found it difficult to balance that passion with the everyday demands of his life and career. Paul realized early on that his health and fitness were always the first things to fall by the wayside when the going got tough. He began to wonder how he could eliminate this problem by turning his passion into his business, and help others overcome the same obstacles he himself had faced.


Paul and the Half It team are committed to helping others maintain the active lifestyle they’re passionate about. We know it isn’t always easy to find time to go to the gym, shop for healthy snacks, or track down the training aid that will take you to the next level. Half It solves that problem. We do the work for you, discovering and delivering that latest and greatest brands of snacks, gear, and apparel to keep you motivated.